LAB Radio Episode 55 – Unconfiscatable with Tatiana Moroz – Crypto Media Hub

I recently ran into Tatiana Moroz, of Crypto Media Hub while we were in Las Vegas together for the Unconfiscatable conference. Tatiana is one of the coolest people in the Bitcoin ecosystem. She throws great dinner parties with awesome guests. If she’s not the one throwing the party, she always knows where the best one is. […]

LAB Radio Episode 53 – Unconfiscatable with Gabe Higgins – BlockSpaces

Here we are at the Unconfiscatable conference in Las Vegas. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the venue, quality of content and the the number of familiar faces. One of those faces belonged to Gabe Higgins. Gabe and I have been crossing paths since 2013 on twitter. In 2015 we started seeing each other at events and […]