LAB Radio Episode 35 – What is User Experience (UX)? Featuring Vitalik Demin, Software Program Manager and Information Architect at Horizen (formerly ZenCash)

Vitalik Demin, Software Program Manager, Information Architect at ZenCash

In this episode, Aaron Mangal explores the concept of User Experience (UX) with Vitalik Demin, Software Program Manager, and Information Architect at Horizen (formerly ZenCash). Vitalik Demin, Software Program Manager, Information Architect at ZenCash “My passion is to fix and improve processes and technologies that are broken and not intuitive to use. I see process end-to-end and […]

33+ Binge-worthy Consensus 2018 Recaps + Our take

Consensus Logo

Consensus 2018 was a massive Cryptocurrency gathering, event and conference of people-veteran and noobie alike. Powered by Coindesk, Consensus first began in 2015 with a much lower level of interest and attendees, since then it has grown into a record-shattering 8500 attendees raking in a massive hodl stash of 17 million buckaroos. Consensus has become a […]

LAB Radio Episode 5 – What is Horizen (formerly Zencash)? A Zcash fork with built-in secure messaging and privacy

Our guest today is Rob Viglione, the founder of Horizen (formerly ZenCash). Rob has blended his interests in academia, entrepreneurship and Blockchain development. As a PhD Candidate in Finance, Rob’s research interests span across crypto-finance, venture capital, asset pricing and blockchain development. Rob teaches a course: “Bitcoin & Blockchain Applications in Finance” one of only 3 in the world […]