LAB Radio Ep 68 – Bitcoin2019 – Xan Ditkoff – Growth at Blockstack

Xan Blockstack

Xan Ditkoff, Growth at Blockstack  On episode 68 of LAB Radio, Blockstack’s Head of Growth, Xan Ditkoff chats with your host Chris Groshong from Bitcoin2019. We discuss how great the conference was and what made it special.  Blockstack Xan, as I am respectfully dubbing him, has an interesting path that led him into the crypto world. Coming […]

LAB Radio Ep 65 – Uri Klarman – CEO and Cofounder – BloXroute Labs

Uri Klarman, CEO and Cofounder at bloXroute Labs On episode 65 of LAB Radio, your host, Chris Groshong chats with Network Researcher and Ph.D. Uri Klarman. As CEO and cofounder of bloXroute Labs. After graduating from Northwestern University he and his initial cofounder Aleks Kuzmanovic knew that they could solve the relay issue that ultimately keep blockchain […]