The Top 10 Common Misconceptions About Bitcoin and The Blockchain

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We put together a list of 10 misconceptions about Bitcoin we see out “in the wild” a lot and wanted to clear up the confusion Here are the Top 10 common misconceptions we’ve seen or heard around Bitcoin and Blockchain technology: Bitcoin is anonymous – Not exactly. Bitcoin is pseudonymous, which means you are given […]

9 Cybercrimes (Involving Cryptocurrency) Affecting Law Enforcement Professionals

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Before we share 9 Cybercrimes involving Cryptocurrency, we want to emphasize that the majority of Cryptocurrency usage is not malicious. Similar to electricity or the Internet, these forces can be used for good or well, bad too. We seek to inform all interested parties through this writing about some new forms of crime taking root. […]

Twitter issues and why Crypto needs their own classification

Twitter shares fell today more than 15% after missing analysts expected marks of 340 million monthly active users, reporting in at 335 million users, a loss of 1 million MAUs. What is Twitter doing wrong? I think they’re not embracing the crypto community. I would say, today, the majority of the people that I speak with […]