9 Cybercrimes (Involving Cryptocurrency) Affecting Law Enforcement Professionals

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Before we share 9 Cybercrimes involving Cryptocurrency, we want to emphasize that the majority of Cryptocurrency usage is not malicious. Similar to electricity or the Internet, these forces can be used for good or well, bad too. We seek to inform all interested parties through this writing about some new forms of crime taking root. […]

LAB Radio Episode 13 – Joseph Ciccolo, CAMS, AMLCA, CFE and founder of BitAML

LAB Radio Episode 13 – Joseph Ciccolo, CAMS, AMLCA, CFE and founder of BitAML

Joe Ciccolo, founder of BitAML, is an accomplished expert in building and implementing successful BSA/AML programs for traditional and non-traditional financial institutions offering a variety of banking products and services. Following 10+ years in legacy bank compliance, Joe founded BitAML, a regulatory compliance advisory group devoted exclusively to helping bitcoin startups and innovators leveraging blockchain technology. […]

LAB Radio Episode 6 – Hans Lombardo of Blockpass, Digital Identity Management

Meet Hans Lombardo, serial entrepreneur and Technology journalist with a focus on China and Hong Kong. Hans has seen the birth of various industries including the Internet, Cloud computing, Big Data and now the Blockchain. Hans co-founded Chain of Things, a Hong Kong-based startup integrating blockchain and IoT devices. He also built a data collection and analytics research […]