LAB Radio Episode 38 – Building Interactive and Tokenized TV Experiences Powered By The Blockchain featuring Gavin Douglas, CEO and co-founder of iPowow

LAB Radio Episode 38 with Gavin Douglas of iPowow and HIT protocol

In this episode of LAB Radio, Aaron Mangal discusses Interactive and Tokenized TV with Gavin Douglas, CEO and co-founder of iPowow. “iPowow founded the idea of “Participation TV” by developing the technology to connect viewers directly to TV content through their second screen device (i.e. smart phones, iPads, etc.). The next iteration in iPowow’s mission […]

LAB Radio Episode 37 – What’s a Decentralized Marketplace Protocol? Featuring Cyrus Taghehchian from

Episode 37 of LAB Radio for Cyrus Taghehchian

In this episode of LAB Radio, Aaron Mangal discusses, a decentralized marketplace protocol, with CEO and founder Cyrus Taghehchian. Cyrus Taghehchian, CEO and Founder at Cyrus Taghehchian is the co-founder and CEO of, a decentralized marketplace protocol. Cyrus, a Deloitte Consulting alum, is a world-class consultant, co-active coach and Lean-Agile thought leader who has […]

LAB Radio Episode 24 – Jess Houlgrave, Founder of the Codex Protocol, an ERC-721 non-fungible token and decentralized title registry for art and collectibles

Jess Houlgrave of Codex Protocol

After writing an M.A. thesis on the use of blockchain technology in the art ecosystem and working at Sotheby’s helping collectors to bid at auction, I co-founded Codex Protocol, a decentralised title registry for art and collectibles. I previously spent six years in the finance industry. Sailing enthusiast and collector of old maps. Jess Houlgrave […]